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Gold Road acquires Sumitomo stake in South Yamarna project In worrying news for an industry that relies on diesel fuel, a new report from the World Health Organization says diesel fumes cause cancer. A new ruling from the WHO may make diesel exhaust as dangerous a public threat as second hand smoke, AP reports. While the risk of cancer is fairly small a science panel said raising the status of diesel fumes to carcinogen from a ‘probable carcinogen’ was an important move. This may have major repercussions throughout the mining industry, where workers are constantly exposed to high levels of diesel fumes, particularly underground miners. In it was labelled as a ‘probable carcinogen’, but with this new ruling it moves the fumes into the same category as asbestos and ultraviolet radiation. However in the ruling these studies did not take into account the new lower emission diesel engines and the filters currently in place.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

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An extended article wrote on the verge of the Riga Summit that tackles the dillemmas faced by Moldova after the Vilnius Summit (pages ).

I ldacsinradig an spcial lists it wilbe noted th t the call number is given to eah ook that has been lasifiedfi a d c ttalogued. Ex ha g ith other library bulletins and] readinglists i. Publici Documents Division, 8 a. A fee of five pesos per annum or fifty centavos per month is arge for the privilege of drawing books from the Circulating Iivision American The pivilege of the periodical and reference rooms are fet All. A board of five members is hereby constituted consisting of the Secretary of Public Instruction, the Secretary of the Interior, the Secretary of Finance and Justice, and two other members to be appointed annually by the Governor-General, which shall be known as “The Philippines Library Board.

All libraries of every kind and character belonging to the Insular Government of the Philippine Islands, or to any Department, Bureau, or subdivision of the same shall be consolidated under the general management of the Board created by section one of this Act, as hereinafter provided, and shall collectively be known as “The Philippines Library. The Philippines Library Board shall divide the Library into such divisions as are necessary and proper for the correct and advantageous classification of the books, papers, periodicals, and documents belonging to such library, having among other divisions, a division of Filipiniana, a law division, a scientific division, and a circulating division, in which latter shall be included the present American Circulating Library.

The scientific division shall be housed in the building of the Bureau of Science, the law division shall be housed in such place as the Supreme Court may direct, and other divisions shall be consolidated and housed in one place so far as possible, but this shall not be done if, in the judgment of such Library Eoard, the purposes of the library can better be served by having one or more of such divisions located in another place than at the place of the main library.

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ASH The professionalization of psychology in Nazi Germany Cambridge Studies in the History of Psychology This new series provides a publishing forum for outstanding scholarly work in the history of psychology. The creation of the series reflects a growing concentration in this area by historians and philosophers of science, intellectual and cultural historians, and psychologists interested in historical and theoretical issues.

The series is open both to manuscripts dealing with the history of psychological theory and research and to work focusing on the varied social, cultural, and institutional contexts and impacts of psychology. Writing about psychological thinking and research of any period will be considered.

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Diesel fumes cause cancer

Mar posted This isn’t my work, but from this author’s website. I mentioned the geologists, here’s what they have to say: If the geological story of this planet does not support the existence of a large island in the midst of the North Atlantic, then, to make a long story short, Atlantis is down the tube. Therefore, establishing the feasibility of such a landmass geologically is of paramount importance.

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Round robin[ edit ] In the round robin model of speed networking attendees meet each other sequentially. The pairings are therefore random. Chairs are often organized in two circles or facing rows of desks. The host calls for the beginning of the meeting — often by use of a bell or buzzer — and the persons introduce themselves, taking turns to give a brief summary of business history and goals.

Often business cards are exchanged and possibly additional information for a follow up meeting. Then either the inner or outer circle sitters — or the front or back line of desks — would move to the next space. Following a brief settling in period, the moderator would call for the next meeting to begin.

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The Handbook of Autism: The authors are speech and language therapists. The handbook of autism: Accardo, editor, Bruce K. Behavior Belongs in the Brain: Neurobehavioral Syndromes York Press,

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Avoid negative or mundane details about your life, especially personal frustrations. You tend to discuss these things in too much detail, which leads to monopolizing the conversation and showing a frustrating self-interest. Avoid discussing past relationships. If you show a positive opinion of an ex, you risk appearing as though you hold feelings for the ex. If you have a negative opinion of an ex, you risk appearing bitter or wounded by the breakup.

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The chapter focuses on the reversals of the earth’s magnetic field and the energetics of the earth’s core. One of the most interesting results of palaeomagnetic studies is that many igneous rocks show a permanent magnetization approximately opposite in direction to the present field.

These pages are geared toward prospective foreigners at the Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam, but you may find parts of it useful. I live in Berlin, so there is a very strong bias toward Berlin in parts of this document. The most important thing to do is to get a German visa. This you will have to do even if you can enter the country as a tourist without a visa. Find the nearest German Embassy to you. You may try to call them, but normally this is futile.

It is better to go to the embassy with all the necessary papers. What you will need:

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