First trimester scans

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However, it is also an important part of your antenatal care. Seeing your baby on the screen during your private pregnancy scan is often a magical experience, but it can also be a bit confusing or disappointing, especially during the earlier ultrasounds. Read on to find out what you can expect to see when you have an ultrasound at our clinic in London. What Are the First Signs of Pregnancy? Missing a period is often the first and most obvious sign that women notice after falling pregnant.

However, pregnancy can affect your body in many different ways, even in the first weeks. It is important to be aware of the signs that you might be pregnant so that you can make your first appointment with our private maternity care service in London right away. What Tests are Performed During a Colposcopy? A colposcopy is an examination of the cervix that is most often carried out if you have had an abnormal result in your cervical smear test.

During a colposcopy, the doctor may perform several different tests in order to identify any abnormal cells and assess the risk of cervical cancer.

First Trimester / Dating Ultrasound

May 31, Thinkstock Your pregnancy test was positive yippee! Here’s how to prepare and what to expect at your first prenatal appointment. Your first prenatal visit may be one of the longest you’ll have during your pregnancy — and definitely the most comprehensive. Not only will there be tests and information-gathering, there will be lots of time spent on questions and answers.

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Second trimester ultrasound. Midway through your pregnancy, usually between week 18 and week 22, a detailed anatomy scan called a level 2 ultrasound is performed. It’s generally done by a trained sonographer in a hospital or specialized clinic, where the equipment is more sophisticated.

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When will I have my first ultrasound?

Your first scan is likely to be between 10 and 14 weeks of pregnancy. At this first scan, you can ask for a picture of the baby to be taken during the scan, but be prepared to pay a small fee as most hospitals charge for this. What is the scan for? The first scan is an exciting and emotional time for a mums and dads-to-be. The length of the baby is vital information because it helps the medical staff determine exactly how many weeks pregnant you are. It also shows if there are twins or triplets or more!

A normal 2D scan uses ultrasound to see through your baby, resulting in a flat grainy grey image which shows your baby in the womb. A 4D scan uses a similar principle of ultrasound but combines sections of 2D images to create a 3D image which you can see moving .

The test uses a radiotracer to create pictures of the heart It is a completely safe test May take two days to take two sets of pictures The radiotracer will leave the body through urine A nuclear heart scan is a test that uses a radioactive substance, also called a radiotracer, to provide important information about the heart. During the test, the radioactive substance is injected into the bloodstream through a vein where it travels to the heart and releases energy.

A special camera outside of the body detects the uptake energy of the radioactive substance and creates pictures of the heart. The test is done at a nuclear medicine centre and usually involves two sets of pictures. The first set is usually taken right after a stress test, while the heart is beating fast. The second set is taken after some time or on the next day when the heart is at rest and beating at a normal rate.

The resulting images provide information about the coronary arteries and heart function. There are three common types of nuclear heart scans based on the type of the radiotracer used. A nuclear heart scan is a test that uses a radioactive substance, also called a radiotracer, to provide important information about the heart.

Too early for a dating scan?

Here is exactly what you can expect. In my experience, ultrasounds are one of the best things about pregnancy. You might only have one, or may require several during your pregnancy. Dating Ultrasound usually done between six to 12 weeks A dating ultrasound measures your baby to determine the gestational age, and can also detect an ectopic pregnancy one that develops outside the uterus. Depending on how many weeks you are, you may have an external transabdominal ultrasound, where a device called a transducer is rolled over your pelvis, or an internal transvaginal ultrasound.

The initial physical exam will be used to assess your general maternal health, and you should expect initial laboratory tests, vaginal cultures, and a check of the size of your uterus.

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PET Scan – What to Expect

IBS is diagnosed after other disorders have been ruled out through routine diagnostic testing. The following are some of the health conditions that your doctor will want to rule out: Celiac disease is a condition in which eating foods that contain gluten results in a problematic autoimmune response in which the villi lining the small intestine are damaged. People who have IBS are at higher risk for undiagnosed celiac disease.

In addition, with IBD, visible signs of inflammation will be seen in the digestive tract during a colonoscopy. A food intolerance differs from a food allergy in that the problem occurs at the level of the digestive system as opposed to an immune system response.

1. It does not have to be at 12 weeks: Although the dating scan is often called the 12 week scan, you can arrange it at any point between 8 and 14 weeks. We should still be able to get a good picture, confirm the length of the pregnancy, and perform all of the necessary health checks during your private pregnancy scan at our clinic in London. 2.

Ultrasound at 12 Weeks, What to Expect? At 12 weeks pregnant, you’ll finally be able to see your little one for the first time — probably the first major event you look forward to when you’re expecting. The week ultrasound scan can actually happen anywhere between 11 and 13 weeks. At this stage, believe it or not, all your baby’s limbs, organs, bones, and muscles will be fully-formed. However, you may be wondering what exactly happens at the scan. Read on to find out more. What Happens at a 12 Weeks Ultrasound Scan?

During the scan, high-frequency sound waves are emitted from a hand-held device, known as a transducer, through the abdomen.