The Shocker Hitch is a heavy duty unit, however it is imperative that any weight capacity ratings are not exceeded on the ball that is mounted on your tow vehicle, or the Shockerhtich. Do not exceed G. Take a vertical measurement from bottom of ball coupler tube to bottom of trailer frame sleeve. This dimension will be used to set the Shockerhitch 2. Remove pins or loosen locking bolts on trailer frame sleeve, and remove existing coupler tube. Hold or support Shocker at vertical measurement noted in Step 1. This should duplicate the previous ride height of the trailer.

Gooseneck Trailer Mfg., “Built Stronger to Last Longer”

This guide will also examine the advantages and disadvantages of each type of transport. The various styles of transporters are broken down into two weight categories – the 26, lb and under total GVW and the 26, lb and over total GVW. If you are a professional transporter – you may have an ideal of what type of transport you need for your next purchase.

This guide can show you the many features MO Trailer has to offer while choosing the best transporter to meet your needs This guide will also show you ways to spend less time loading or unloading and tying down. The types of transports covered in this guide are:

The connection for a gooseneck trailer is different from a bumper pull in that the ball and ball mount are secured in the flat bed of a pick-up truck. With gooseneck .

March 14, edited Like with a lot of things, folks are obvious that have not seen let alone used the newest safe hitch design, the Andersen Ultimate. I must admit to being extremely skeptical until I actually got one, with trepidation, used, for bucks that had never been used because the guy had a flat bed on his truck with a recessed goose neck ball which will not work with the standard Andersen Ultimate hitch. For those who don’t get it, or think it is the same as a pipe adapter, that adds leverage the fiver frames are not made for, unless custom built with it installed at the factory.

Like the goose-neck livestock and horse trailers with living quarters built in. They are gusseted for the increased leverage of the engineered hitch. The only difference is the frame gusseting. Simple but if not engineered for it, will break the frame of a fiver over time or on the first stop. It uses the frame mounted, bolted gooseneck ball to attach the hitch to the truck, and has a fiver horseshoe shaped hitch at the same level as a directly bolted in fiver hitch without the ball.

The Anderson as well has the ball and hitch above the rear window bottom line of sight so getting the pin adapter female on the ball is a joy. What I think you may not see is that I am fine with either type of hitch, the standard 5th wheel hitch, and all the spring and air loaded variations of it, and the ball mounted hitch adapters without a lever caused by an extended tube. Having owned both a standard fifth wheel hitch and full timed with it for seven years, and now owning the Andersen, I find the Andersen easier to hitch up.

See the standard fiver blocks the view of the pin itself, the Andersen has the ball and where it goes well in view until it is connected. What we all are against, unless the trailer was made for a Gooseneck hitch is this type:

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Contact Us Bumper Pull Trailers vs. How do you decide which hitch to choose? The most common type of hitch is the bumper pull, also known as a drag or tagalong trailer. Bumper pull trailers have a lot of advantages. Most of these advantages are because bumper pulls are smaller than goosenecks. This means a bumper pull trailer usually costs less than a gooseneck.

The Bulldog Square Adjustable Gooseneck Coupler is quick and easy to engage and strong and secure on the road. The coupler features 30, lbs. capacity, .

Making Life Easy Are you tired of getting in and out of your truck bed to hookup your gooseneck trailer? Latching and unlatching your trailer is done by simply pulling a lever that mounts on the side of your trailer. Made in the USA, the Gooseneck Easy Coupler is factory mounted on a 4-inch tube made of stainless steel giving you a strong and durable product. It has a tough, long-lasting zinc coating to prevent weathering and rusting.

It fits virtually any style of gooseneck trailer. Our universal bracketed mirror attaches to your trailer allowing a clear view of your ball from inside the cab of your truck.

Q&A: Building a 40′ Gooseneck Trailer Tiny House?

Call us now at and get your name on the next available one. NEW Standard features on models! Spare tire mount included on all models. You can buy a spare if you want, but the mount is free regardless. They’re just a lot harder to kill! Extreme service greasable barrel hinges on rear gate standard.

Eaz-Lift’s Gooseneck adapter features an automatic latching coupler for a simple hookup and disconnect. It has a 30, lb. tow rating and is available in both 15 and 12 inch heights for your specific truck and trailer setup.

This allowed us to run the plumbing inside the subfloor to insulate it due to where our house will be placed very cold climate! Reference this post for more info on subfloor plumbing! We used 2″ PVC for our main waste lines. You fill up your wall cavities very quickly with plumbing. Trace all of your lines with a sharpie prior to starting install. Run all of your waste piping first due to size and slope. We used sharkbite fittings which allowed us to simply cut the PEX pipe to the appropriate length and push it into a fitting.

We drilled holes in all of the studs that the PEX needed to run through. We kept the holes in the middle of the studs. We then put nail plates on the studs for protection so we wouldn’t puncture the pipe when installing the interior siding.

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Share this Robin Stover On any given weekend, thousands of fullsize trucks with travel trailers in tow can be seen on our nation’s highways. Nothing beats having all the modern conveniences of home as you explore scenic places. Perhaps the most popular of all travel trailers are those that employ fifth-wheel towing hardware.

Gooseneck Hitches RealTruck carries gooseneck receiver hitches and gooseneck hitch accessories with towing capacities up to 30, pounds. Choose from flat plate hitches, folding gooseneck hitches and wide gooseneck flat plate hitches from Curt.

See the whole world behind you in rich colors. It is also an LCD monitor so it is very light as well as thin. In addition, it has two video inputs so you can connect a camera and a game system or DVD player. This monitor is compatible with all our cameras and any car; it connects to any power source or a cigarette lighter. It can mount on your windshield or dashboard mount included.

The camera is also durable for use in the roughest weather conditions. Different brackets are included for installation so it can be angled downwards or upwards if necessary for an ideal view.

Q&A: Building a 40′ Gooseneck Trailer Tiny House?

GooseNeck hook up on truck Originally Posted by danemayer Unfortunately, we all seem to run into sales people who don’t stop talking when they run out of answers. When we bought our Prowler back in May, , I passed along my dismay about the dealer that we bought our previous Heartland product from 10 miles down the road from our new dealership.

Three weeks ago when I tried to set up an appointment to get a few warranty issues taken care of, it took several voice mails and a few days of phone tag before I actually spoke with someone, and then I was told that I would have to just leave my trailer for several weeks before so that they could order the parts, then wait until they arrived so they could fix ALL of the issues at one time.

He wouldn’t take my list of issues over the phone, or even accept my photos of the issues, most of which were documented during the PDI! Hhhmmmmm, I thought to myself.

This is the complete Covert-A-Ball cushioned fifth wheel-to-gooseneck ball adapter kit. The system includes a cast-iron collar that bolts directly to the trailer’s kingpin.

Helps to eliminate the jerks felt when towing on rough roads or concrete highways. This hitch directs the tow resistance through an air bag, producing a smooth ride. Fits most trailers – Available with a 4. When we developed the Surge Hitch our intention was to give a smoother ride, period. We perfected that and never considered the other benefits. Customers using the Surge hitch started calling with reports of better fuel mileage.

Claims of up to a mile per gallon are pretty normal.

Towing our Gooseneck Trailer with my Ford F450 for the First Time