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Further highlights from the conference include: During this session, SYSGO will present secure update concepts addressing fundamental safety requirements such as non-interference with respect to non-updated parts. Beyond academic excellence, the conference also facilitates the transformation of cutting-edge research results into market-ready innovations. Full list of sponsors below. The project offers training, mobility support and dissemination and recruitment services, along with numerous networking facilities to its members. HiPEAC organizes four networking events per year:

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Comment Perhaps more than this article in the Hyde Park Herald click it while you can; when the next issue comes out, it will be gone from the web forever! Now, why would a crappy, overpriced grocery store with a virtual monopoly over a relatively wealthy neighborhood, which itself is at the center of a giant food desert, be losing money? This strikes us as pretty stupid. Anyway, the Co-op is over a million dollars behind in rent to the University of Chicago, and the Herald article runs down its options: These actions would permit the Co-op to close without the costly process of bankruptcy proceedings and allow a new grocer to begin operations within two weeks of closure.

Nobody said that programs like KStars, XEphem etc. They are however quite useful for gaining a little knowledge of what you will see, when you eventually aim your telescope at the sky. Your analogies are exaggerating somewhat, since whether you see pieces of the sky through your own telescope or pictures taken using somebody else’s, they’re only distant images If anything, I find the analogies less compelling. The “magic” of having photons hit your eyes after starting their journeys years, centuries, or even longer, ago can’t be captured by seeing a photo.

Neither is their any skill in just viewing a photo. Catching a glimpse of a faint object using averted vision, finding a comet not visible to the naked eye, or watching the changes on the face of Jupiter as the nights go by is something that will never be equaled by viewing a photo. KStars and similar packages are good tools to help orient yourself or plan ahead before you go out and look or guess at optimum viewing time for your location. It’s especially useful if the sky is partly cloudy or visibility is obscured by light pollution [darksky.

Dark skies are a prerequisite to any optics based astronomy. Why are we using so much money to shine light up into the sky? If half the light is going up instead of down, then we’re losing half your lighting money for nothing and lowering the standard of living.

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Savage made several corrections while trying to rectify the story of his regiment at the battle at Perryville. In volume ten of Confederate Military History, Savage pointed out that several statements were wrong. First, Savage tried to clarify that it was erroneously reported that he was temporarily in command of the brigade. On September 28, Bragg had left the army to conduct business in Frankfort.

When Bragg departed the Army of the Mississippi, his absence had caused a temporary shift in the leadership. Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk was then in command of all the forces of the Army of the Mississippi.

Women naturally experience an emotional and mental shift throughout the course of the month. And a report from the University of New Mexico demonstrates that the cyclic signs have economic consequences. Birth control could lead to many thousands of dollars lost every year. Booth b-school at UChicago provides hard evidence both that testosterone levels directly govern relationships to risk and that that governance comes as a function of thresholds.

If most women come under a threshold that most men exceed then obviously the risk-seeking behavior of the two groups will fall into statistically-significant differential groups. This decision is not unique to women, but the statistics suggest that women decide against the risks more than twice as often as do men.

What MA, MPA, or MIA program is for you?

If you use an ID ID-innovations: I basically copied it from this source: Now you can test whether the reader works by first writing an Arduino sketch that has only this function plus something that uses the output value to toggle an LED, as in the code you find here.

Primetab Steve Jackson Re: Anybody have a recipe that clones Corona? Bottled beer tastes different than beer from the keg Dave Humes Mephitis sweet mephitis ThomasM Beer is our obsession and we’re late for therapy! Spirit of Free Beer! Contact brewery at hbd. Pat Babcock and Karl Lutzen janitor hbd. Mon, 17 May

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Marines teach Badjaos how to read, write First posted DDU is short for depressed, deprived and underdeveloped. Atienza plans to put up a preparatory school exclusively for the Badjaos before integrating them with the madrasah, the Muslim educational system.

Mz days ago I think they are missing an important detail. Online dating doesn’t simply connect you to “new” people. It connects you to them privately. It is a setting in which you and you alone need to judge this person and how suitable they are as a partner for you. I grew up in the Deep South. I had non-white classmates. I knew guys who were Black or Hispanic who were interested in me. But, I had no path forward.

In a racist environment, just talking to someone of color in a flirty way will get significant social push back.

#350: Let’s crowdsource some feminist sex ed for frat guys.

As the discipline spread to universities and research institutes in North America and, with remarkable rapidity, to Europe, Asia, the Antipodes, and ultimately all corners of the globe, Professor Labov has remained at or near the forefront of its various movements, including historical sociolinguistics, narrative analysis, sociometrics, subjective evaluation testing, educational and forensic applications, and sociophonetics, as well as mainstream variation studies.

His breadth and depth as a scholar have influenced countless linguists and policy makers, and his enthusiasm and boundless optimism have inspired numerous colleagues, collaborators, and students. Several of them relate their personal experiences with the man and his ideas here. Keywords language variation and change , sociolinguistics , fieldwork , teaching , biography 1. Before him, there were sporadic attempts at studying language in its social context, the core component of what would become known, following Labov, as language variation and change or more generally sociolinguistics.

Explore our Social Media Marketing Toolkit Our compilation of the latest social media statistics of consumer adoption and usage Social networks are now so well established, that there is a core ‘top 5’ social networks that don’t change much from year-to-year. But, as we’ll see in this post, the most popular social media sites vary a lot by level of usage in different countries and demographics. Understanding these differences in popularity of different social networks is really important when targeting specific audiences.

When comparing the most popular social networks it’s best to review them by active account usage, not just the number of user accounts. We’ll also see in this summary that some social networks are growing more rapidly than others while some are now in decline. Since it is still early in the year, many graphs will have to rely on stats from Q4 until the stats for Q1 are released. Download our free Social Media Marketing guide Our free social media planning checklist will help get you up to speed with the issues you should think about when creating a social media plan, to avoid mistakes and manage your social media updates more effectively Access the 10 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Q1.

Which is the most popular social networks This compilation of the most popular social networks worldwide prepared by Statista gives a clear picture of the number of active users in millions with Facebook ruling supreme. This won’t be a shock to anyone! With over 2 billion active users it holds the majority market share. In January Facebook’s closest competitor, the Facebook-owned, WhatsApp was leading second, however, YouTube now jumps to second place with 1. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp follow behind in 3rd and 4th place.

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