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Smokvica, Belgrade

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Join Poseidon International and see why Croatia has become the most sought after yacht charter destination in Europe. Croatia offers 3, miles of spectacular Adriatic coastline with island jewels -all set right in the heart of Europe! It is roughly miles and takes in the most important archaeological and historical islands in the Adriatic between Split and Dubrovnik. Day 1 Arrive at Marina Day 10 Explore fort in AM, sail to Korcula.

Explore the quaint town. Swim and dinner under stars 34M Day 14 Explore beautiful Dubrovnik all day.

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Smokvica hidden village of Korcula island, Croatia

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Korčula is a unique wooded island with a rich historical and cultural heritage, rich prehistoric finds in the big cave in the Vela Luka, and in the rest of the island testify to .

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Town of Korcula

Traffic sign — Traffic signs or road signs are signs erected at the side of or above roads to give instructions or provide information to road users. The earliest signs were simple wooden or stone milestones, later, signs with directional arms were introduced, for example, the fingerposts in the United Kingdom and their wooden counterparts in Saxony.

Such pictorial signs use symbols in place of words and are based on international protocols.

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Bookmark to your social network Smokvica hidden village of Korcula island, Croatia HikeNow Smokvica hidden village of Korcula island, Croatia Life in Smokvica village The life in small village of Smokvica is still all about the land. Here producing best olive oil and famous dalmatian white wine of Posip. Village lies about 30 kilometers away from Korculas old Town center.

Smokvica village, hidden in the foothills of Mala obala and Vela, has around one thousand people. Village of Smokvica is surrounded with hills and it lays on the southern side, it has a mild gentle climate which protects the village from cold and unpleasant northern wind called Bura. Visit of Smokvica village, Korcula They found in the old scripts, that Smokvica was mentioned back in the 16th and 15th century.

From Croatian mainland all kinds of Slav tribes settled hered to be protected from Ottoman Turks attacks. In Gradina you can find traces of life, Gradina is one of Smokvica’s suburbs, those traces of life are dating back to Illyrian times. White wines in Smokvica As mentioned earlier Smokvica is known for its great white wines especially Posip and delicious home made olive oil.

The village has a long tradition of growing and producing olives, olive oil and making wine. On this vineyards a traditional white wines Rukatac and Posip are grown and produced for centuries. Those wines are known as excellent wines among all the wine lovers, this dry wines are pretty well known. There is a wine factory on the edges of Smokvica which has also a wine production of the village. It is close to Smokvica’s local bay called Brna bay.

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Visit the 14th century town with the longest fortified walls in Europe. Ston was an important town for the Dubrovnik Republic, which was the strongest and most prosperous in the 14th century There are several options today, either ride on the easier coastal road or do some climbing and rolling hills.

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History[ edit ] Panorama of Lumbarda Throughout its history, Lumbarda was a region combining various nations and cultures. Based on current research, the first inhabitants were the Illyrians , ruling the island during the Bronze and Iron Age. Their artifacts can be found in the graves and strategic stone stacks, concentrated primarily on the western areas of Lumbarda. Lumbarda Psephisma With the intrusion of Greek interests on the Adriatic , the island relinquished its historical obliviousness becoming known as Korkyra Melaina black.

The region was of great importance to the Greeks, establishing two settlements on the Black Korkiri. The most renowned and significant Antic stone inscriptions found in the Republic of Croatia give witness to this historical event. The text, amongst other things, provides information on the Greeks from the island of Issa today Vis establishing the settlement on the basis of a prior agreement with the representatives of the local Illyrii, Pil and his son Daz.

The Lumbarda Psephisma was discovered on the top of the hill Koludrt, where the Issian town most likely once stood.

Impress your date : Choose a perfect bottle of Croatian wine

The old core of the town is specific because of the structure of blocks arranged in the shape of fish bones. The streets are surrounded by walls and towers whose construction started back in the 13th century. Arrival to the old town is via two entrances, the main overland entrance, and the seagoing entrance.

Seafront castle for sale, Trogir area is a building of enormous historical and cultural importance (castle), dating from the early ‘s. The castle is located in a center of the city and it is very View Details View on Map Save Offer View Images. Smokvica (3) Smokvica (1) Solin (2).

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