Hard to watch such talent be a judged b in competition and c eliminated each week. Melanie — A Hip Hop with Twitch. I was not a huge fan of the song, or the choreography… but I was a huge fan of Melanie in this piece. She was powerful, controlled, meticulous… she is everything a dancer should be and more. I think she is an artist and a technician… putting work into the details, and giving it heart. So, I wasnt a fan of this piece, but I could watch Melanie for hours in any number. They used a wall to leap onto, pound against, make shadows etc. These are two power-house dancers, and the piece was elevated because of their strength and emotional rawness. I loved it, Sasha has gotten stronger every week… I never wouldve expected form her audition, for her to be such a contender til the end. His chances of making it into the finale hang int he balance…and he picks the Paso.

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Not only has summer begun, but more importantly my favorite television show EVER has set into motion. And what powerful motion it is. If you have never watched this show I encourage you to set your DVR for the Wednesday night performance shows. If you have even the smallest appreciation for dance, any style really, then you will love this show.

Here are my season 8 early predictions in other words: Melanie Moore This gal is a shining star on that stage. She won my heart from the first episode when she spoke about losing her father at a young age and how she dances with his spirit. Something magical happens when she steps on the stage and I will look forward to watching her magic, week after week. Marko Germar This Alex Wong doppelganger is a force to be reckoned with. Marko is my favorite guy this season.

Not only has he proven him self to be a badass by dancing with a bullet in his arm, but it seems like he can handle any style, with ease.

Top 5 Hottest Onstage Kisses in SYTYCD History!

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SYTYCD 8: Melanie & Marko – I Got You (w/ Judges’ Comments) So You Think You Can Dance [SYTYCD] audition (from Season 15, Episode 1, ) Lewandowski hindi songs GMB dark harvest adc thresh mamę intuição dating again NBCTV nature wonder money earn .

This is everything that we have waited for……… Enough talking! The forehead crawl on to the stage by the bows was HOT!!!! I love this dress that Cat has on… it is simple. I think the yellow dress from last week screamed finale. That was a Sonya Tayeh routine!!!! It smelled of her genius! Who will win tonight? Tadd, Marko, Melanie or Sasha? I think that it will come down to the girls.

Sytycd 8 Melanie Marko Turn To Stone W Judges Comments Free Mp3 Download

And he was right. Going into last night’s finale, contemporary dancer Marko and B-boy Tadd were essentially written off. In fact, Lythgoe even warned the two males of defeat Wednesday night, telling them, “I still think a girl will win. Warrior Princesses Melanie delivered one of her best performances of the season when she was paired up with fellow contemporary dancer and finalist Sasha for one fierce Sonya Tayeh “warrior princess” jazz routine.

The judges were beside themselves, including guest judge Lady Gaga, who presented the girls with the very shoe she was wearing.

Check Full Background Report to see Melanie’s social media activity. This may contain online profiles, dating websites, forgotten social media accounts, and other potentially embarrassing profiles.

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AA That’s all, folks. After weeks of wading through cheesy personal montages, interpreting incoherent judges’ comments, subjecting ourselves to meh musical performances, oh yeah, and watching a lot of dancing, Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance was over just seconds after Melanie Moore was named America’s Favorite Dancer if Cat says it, do we write it “America’s Favourite Dancer?

In case you can’t tell, that’s sarcasm. Of course Melanie won.

Free SYTYCD Melanie And Marko Season 8 Episode 06 Turn To Stone Avi mp3.

They were beyond merely talented! They were also fierce and in complete control of every move they made. So up first was All-star Marko and Koine. The judges loved how energetic the dance was and how Koine and Marko were never once out of sync. So the next pairing — Robert and Taylor — had a lot to live up to. Though the two went on to light up the stage and even the judges thought so.

They were all astounded by what Taylor was capable of and therefore they congratulated the dancer from Minnesota that stepped it up. And so the pressure was on Lex and Gaby. Yet, one of the things about this particular number that sets it apart from everything else was the tone it set. And you know what, it worked! Lex and Gaby created a narrative that drew everyone in and the judges remained amazed by how much Lex brought to the table because of it.

Melanie Moore

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It was jam packed, and very well executed. It was cruel and unusual punishment for both parties involved. That was just plain painful to watch. The top 20 was selected on tape by genre. It is a showcase of their talents, and a celebration of making it to the Top It is simply the BEST way to give each dancer a moment in the spotlight to shine, before the hammer falls.

There are some faces in the Top 20… I dont recall seeing throughout the auditions or Vegas week. How is that possible? They have NO footage whatsoever of a person who has surpassed hundreds nay thousands! Is it because they didnt think they were good TV? It does them a disservice when it comes to voting. Ballet is back baby! They are magnificent, and I love having their calibre of technique as part of this show. This elvels the playing field in my opinion.

Marko Germar Wiki, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Bio Details

Is it possible for them all to win? I knew I liked both Sasha and Melanie before we even got to the competition stage of the show. Sasha was highlighted enough in Las Vegas week for me to know I loved her dancing and personality and style, whereas Melanie was featured much less, yet she still stuck in my mind. In her Dee Caspary dance with Alex, Sasha played a distant memory of an old relationship that Alex elicited when he played the piano. Melanie is luckier in that Marko enhances her when they perform.

The two danced in a Nappytabs lyrical hip-hop routine about a guy left at the altar who realizes that his best friend is his one true love.

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The two dancers joined Sonya Tayeh , for an intense Jazz duet. The judges love the routine, and compliment Amy on her technique. Later, Amy performs a Jazz group dance, choreographed by Ray Leeper, with the top 10 girls. Amy’s last routine was another Sonya Tayeh Jazz routine. The routine go amazingly and gets a standing ovation. She appeared to be safe and was not in the bottom 6. She teamed up with Fik-Shun for a fun, cute, NappyTabs hip hop routine. The judges enjoy the routine and find it very entertaining.

She once again appeared to be safe as well as Fik-Shun. The dance goes great, judges claiming that it was a great start to the show. The judges praise the goofy routine, complimenting on the acting and entertainment.

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Format changes[ edit ] Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe has stated numerous format changes for this season. The contestants were informed of their inclusion in the finals by the judges either traveling to each dancer’s home or personally telephoning them to reveal their fate. This is in contrast to previous seasons where the contestants walked down a long corridor to face the judging panel. Rather than partnering up the contestants with each other, partners were chosen at random each week from a pool of All-Stars composed of top dancers that have appeared in previous seasons of the show, and the competitors performed in their All-Star partners’ specialized style.

Additionally, rather than eliminating a pair of contestants each week, contestants were voted on as individuals from the beginning of the competition, and only one was eliminated per week. Only three contestants were featured in the finale, as opposed to the usual four.

Ulsan, South Korea. Raleigh (Nc), United States.

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Marko Germar and Koine “Koko” Iwasaki talk first time connection on #SYTYCD