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This is Space Station. We hear you loud and clear. Because when one is in space you never know,” the Pope said from behind a desk with a television monitor in front of him. Related Articles The Pope on filth and the planet The Pope seemed moved by comments by mission commander Randy Bresnik, one of three Americans on board. He said that what gave him the greatest joy in space was “to be able to look outside and see God’s creation maybe a little bit from His perspective”. Advertisement “People cannot come up here and see the indescribable beauty of our Earth and not be touched in their souls,” Bresnik told the Pope, adding, “There’s no borders, there’s no conflict; it’s just peaceful. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. In his response, the Pope said Bresnik had “managed to understand that the Earth is too fragile and it passes in a moment”. NASA via AP “It is a very fragile thing, the atmosphere is thin, so capable of doing harm, of destroying itself, and you have gone to look at it from the eyes of God,” he said.

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Side notes for Seo-yeon: ~Runs an EXO fan account to the point that nobody knows that she owns the fan account ~Usually buys a ticket to Toronto when EXO gets a break because she likes to visit home from time to time and likes the scenery of Canada. ~Is the most western member of the group mainly because she was born and raised in Canada her whole life ~Despite being in Korea for so many years.

Yes, you seemed really familiar, as if I had known you for years. But maybe that was also partly from your personality? Originally posted by cosmicdrive Suho: You lean over his shoulder and find pictures of him with Kris and Luhan and Tao in the background and your throat tightens. Should you tell him? You point at Yifan, then yourself, and nod. He looks to the picture then back at you and blinks, negative emotions flooding his fragile state of mind.

He would have a more negative reaction to this situation, as he is the leader and finds himself at fault for not taking care of the three members that have left. Originally posted by qrishan Lay: He would be the most hopeful after he goes through a long thought-process, then confronts you about it. When you tell him it is the same Wu Yifan, he brightens in joy at the thought of being able to communicate with his long-lost brother again.

[Kai ♥ Krystal] Witness accounts, dating rumors of other EXO members, more

Exo Member Dating Rumor Hes not dating anybody currently.. It losing the opinion services from ExAct along with four new months including the deception of the same name. Please ask much much more! Afro has five new anti songs, three of which are rooms sung and every exclusively by means of girls. Same ring, DOs back profile, same shoes, same shorts, etc But fans call it a coincidence.

Luhan is 2nd of Most EXO Romantic Members And at 4th of Most EXO Naughty Member. He is an expert in a tounge twister. Luhan is voted as the laziest member as he is the last to wake up. All of EXO-M members said that Luhan is the mood maker of the group.

Be friendly people if you think your bias is in a wrong place go defend them but in a good manner. The Top Ten 1 D. Is there even anything to say. Kyungsoo have improved in all of his comfort zone. He have been awarded a number of awards for his brilliant acting skills. He have been in a drama and in a movie. This improvement will bring his popularity to the top in no time. He has a gold voice with also a great acting skill.

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Because I have been extremely self-conscious my entire life. Starting in middle school, I had always tried to fit in. I joined cheerleading , the town dance group, gymnastics, and the school band. Even now, after college, not much has changed.

IN EARLIER NEWS (19/06/): SM Entertainment has confirmed that both EXO’s Baekhyun and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon are dating!. An SM rep from the agency responded to media outlets.

From facts to facts. I removed the old facts and the ex-members facts. I’m just copying and pasting.. CCTO I’m not sure whether it is true or not,okay? Baekhyun may look tough outside but is actually sensitive. Be careful when leaving comments, they might get hurt when they see hurtful comments. Kai has the darkest skin in the group. Chanyeol and Kai laugh the easiest. Sehun says that the 2 of them can go perform for the circus together. Kai is very satisfied in his chinese language skills.

EXO Imagines [You As their 13th/10th member]

For a man to become a Muslim; he is either born into the religion or he can convert to the religion through publicly pronouncing the Shahadah. Muslim men practice their religion through the five pillars of Islam. Shahadah — This is known as the Muslim declaration of faith. This declaration expresses two simple important beliefs:

As a fan of a group with as many members as Exo, it’s natural to overlook at least one. To be honest, even with groups of six members, at least one of them manages to slip under my radar.

Book Each of the eight royal barges has a sign indicating the name, the year of construction or renovation and the number of crew it requires to operate it The most beautiful golden barges are stored under a huge roof and only leave their shelter for special occasionsl when the entire fleet can count up to fifty barges. These other barges are visible in a separate warehouse near the bridge. Given that the procession doesn’t happen very regularly you will have to be lucky to catch the boats on the river, but the advantage of the museum is you get to see them up close.

The warehouse sheltering the barges is usually very hot, so on the way back don’t miss a fun little bar called ‘We have soft drink’, a nice break before walking back, people there are very friendly and speak great english and they’ll be happy to give you information about the area. How to Get to the Royal Barges Museum The Museum is located on the banks of a klong canal connected to the main Chao Phraya river, and there are two ways to get there. Or hire a long-tail boat to tour the Bangkok waterways and include the Royal Barges Museum in your itinerary.

The other way is by land but it is quite a tricky itinerary.

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It is very remarkable, in connection with this, that in Job 2: The word sunklhronomoi sunkleeronomoi , “joint-heirs” Rom 8: The expression suklhronomoi de Cristou sunkleeronomoi de Christou , “joint heirs with Christ” Rom 8: Now the factors of , as we have seen, are 9 and 17, and the number is three times the nine hundred, plus seventeen, viz. The expression ktisiV qeou ktisis Theou , “the creation of God,” is , or 8 x

sehun exo dating. Yesterday, many instagram accounts posted photos that allegedly annouced the dating rumour of yoona snsd and sehun ise this fever would not have returned for the Doctor calls it, YOUR FEVER was a wild outbreak of .

EXO react to the other members liking their twin sister analysis Thanks for your request my dear. Minseok would be wary inwardly, but not mention it to the member in question. He would be even more attentive and watchful over both his sister and the member who bears feelings for her. I think Luhan would become guarded each time his twin is around that member, explaining to his sister that he needs to assert his role as her brother more lucidly.

He would be quick to consider how the public would intake this news. Idols dating is already controversial enough, let alone one of the members being a relationship with his twin sister. Though it would pain Suho, since he wants his sister to be content and mirthful, he would have a serious discussion with the member in question, weighing every crucial pro and con of pursuing a relationship with his twin sister.

Yixing would even want to know how long this member has been smitten with his sister, even with all the minute details on what they fancy most about his twin in every subtle aspect. He would tease this member mercilessly once finding out that they bear feelings for his twin sister.

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