Vintage~ “Singer Featherweight”~ 221K Sewing Machine with Case

However, when it comes to a sewing machine, there are definite advantages to buying an old Singer sewing machine. A machine that has been in use for 50 years or more has definitely proved its reliability. In addition, a vintage Singer sewing machine is bound to be simpler in design than a newer model, and that makes it easier to operate and repair. With just a hand crank, an antique machine operates slower than a modern machine, which is an advantage for a beginning sewer or a child. If you are just looking for a basic machine that can handle hemming, repairs, alterations, and smaller projects, try out a Singer Featherweight sewing machine. This machine, introduced at the World Fair in Chicago in , is a portable, lightweight machine. It comes with a variety of optional accessories, such as an adjustable hemmer, zipper foot, and quilting foot. On eBay, you can find a large inventory of old Singer sewing machines, in all different models and sizes. When you go with a manufacturer with a reputation like Singer’s, you can be sure that your new-to-you vintage sewing machine has lots of life left.

The Singer Featherweight 222K – Simply a Sewing Sensation

I have to say it works like a dream and a few of the gals there will be ordering their own!! Thank you Nova, for a great product and such fast delivery! Thanks so much for offering it to us. What Do Nova’s Customers Think?

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The Singer was 1st advertised in October Christmas Singer Advertisement. Only the new Slant-needle Singer gives you so many exciting features to make sewing easier! Did you notice anything strange about the and advertisements? None of them displayed a traditional black color Singer The advertisements were also getting housewives ready for the new two-tone, Light Beige-Oyster White color.

Only the original sales brochure showed one picture of a traditional black Singer

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Sewing Machines and Sewing Projects [offsite link] This site documents and reviews older mechanical sewing machines and offers free sewing patterns and projects including step-by .

The Singer was 1st advertised in October Christmas Singer Advertisement. Only the new Slant-needle Singer gives you so many exciting features to make sewing easier! Did you notice anything strange about the and advertisements? None of them displayed a traditional black color Singer This was because Singer was trying to get customers to change their traditional views of sewing machines to a modern view by only displaying the “Soft Beige” color with no decals.

The advertisements were also getting housewives ready for the new two-tone, “Oyster-White and Solid Beige” color. Only the original sales brochure showed one picture of a traditional black Singer

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Please do not seek appraisals, valuations, estimates, worth etc here. Long time collectors know it’s simply not possible to estimate a machine’s worth without a number of criteria being met. Condition of the machine which is possible only from a hands-on appraisal. Only with a hands-on viewing would an expert be able to know of any missing parts, replaced parts and the added value of any accessories, box, paperwork etc. These factors can affect the “value” by many hundreds of percent.

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Finding Antique Sewing Machine Parts Current Online Sales To get an idea of how much your machine might be worth to buyers, keep an eye on similar Singers at the following websites: Etsy – A great place to find vintage items and antique sewing machines from individual sellers, Etsy has lots of Singers for sale at a variety of price points. You can search by model or just browse for one that looks like yours.

RubyLane – Although it’s not a huge site, RubyLane has prime examples of Singer machines from throughout the years. See if there is one like yours among them. Past Sales Values Current sales values can give you a clue about value, but sellers can ask anything they want for a machine. That doesn’t mean the machine actually sells for that price. Consider the actual sales values as well, which can vary widely: It included the original case.

Local Antique Stores Perhaps one of the best ways to estimate your machine’s value is to consult a local antique store. There are two ways you can do this: Bring your machine to the store and see if they will offer to buy it from you.

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If you find this site useful and want to make a small donation to support its maintenance and expansion, then please use button below. Just a couple of years later it went on sale in the U. Model 12K The New Family was later renamed the Singer Model 12 12K in the UK and remained in production for almost 40 years, until just past the turn of the 20th century.

The characteristic shape of the bed on the early models resulted in them being referred to as Singer fiddle base machines. The New Family was the first high volume mass produced sewing machine. Despite its high cost, its attractive and reliable design meant that it sold in huge volumes and established Singer as the market leading sewing machine manufacturer for next century.

Identifying Vintage Sewing Machines

A slot for a roughened feed wheel Gear operation Lock stitching Surging Popularity By , the Singer Manufacturing Company held 22 patents and sold 20, sewing machines yearly. Within eight years, the yearly sales reached , sewing machines, which included their New Family machines released for sale in Introduction of Electric Motors As the leader of the sewing machine industry, the Singer Company introduced the first practical sewing machine powered by an electrical motor in

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Crockett, Virginia, Ships to: It has lots of accessories that are included. Please look at pictures for a better discription. I pushed on the foot pedal and it ran. This machine was being used until recently. If you need more information or pictures let me know. Just a side thought I found this article. Most Centennial badged machines have the serial numbers but authenticated models with to serial numbers have been located, suggesting that the company held vast stocks and simply badged machines just prior to dispatch.

Thus, the date on the dating charts may be different from when it actually rolled off the assembly line. For example, in January , at the Elizabethtown, New Jersey factory, there were 50, machines assigned a block of numbers. The factory most likely was already planning their next batch based on demand and production rates. We do not quite know the lead times between block assignment, actual production, and the next block assignment, but it is probably safe to assume that your machine was produced sometime between the block assignment, and a relatively short time before or after the next block was commissioned because lead times are unknown.

The Centennial badged Singer Featherweight commemorating the year centenary , Singer was probably eager and assigning the special badges to machines they thought would be sold that year.

Old Singer Sewing Machines

Wedgwood China Antique Sewing Machines Antique sewing machines are humble machines from our past that revolutionized an industry. First they were simple and served only a utilitarian function, then later they transformed into very beautiful creations. Antique sewing machines are appreciated both for what they have done for us as well as bringing us joy from their beauty.

We buy vintage and antique sewing machines. Antique Sewing Machines Blog. This is a great Singer Sewing machine with case, pedal, and vintage Singer manual.

Unusual Accessories: Call for item details and prices of these unusual Singer Sewing Machine Accessories. How do I order these items? Mail a check or money order, and specify the item desired, along with your return address, and send (and make the check out to): Gaileee’s Singer Featherweight Resource Site.

Find sewing machine model number from serial number Search Knowledgbase GO Find sewing machine model number from serial number We often are asked for sewing machine parts to fit a Singer F There is no reference charts available to tell us the exact model number from it’s serial number. However hopefully this page will help identify your sewing machine model number in conjunction with the other details we have available relating to sewing machine serial numbers..!

How to Identify an old machine without a serial number..? If your sewing machine does not have a model number, but has a serial number similar in location to the image above, use the images below to help identify the sewing machine model number. Originally it may have been hand operated. The stitch length was adjusted via a screw and the machine did not stitch backwards. Later versions 99K31 had a stitch length up-down lever with reverse stitch and numbered tension dial – Year The Singer 15K is always recognised by its tension unit being on the left face of the machine.

Its bobbin had to be inserted into a bobbin case, then the case was inserted into the machine vertically to the left of the needle. When threading the needle it had to be threaded from left to right.

Vintage Singer Featherweight Model 221 Sewing Machine Works! 1950 Nice Nr!

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White Domestic Sewing Machine Demonstration and Review I may have a little problem when it comes to collecting vintage sewing machines. We go thrift shopping often, hunting for this and other beautiful or interesting vintage sewing machines. I may have gotten greedy, because now I have two Singer Featherweights. He is my enabler. My husband picked it up for me for my birthday in , visiting an older gentleman who collected all sorts of antiques.

We suspect that it was originally used a parts machine and then sat stagnant. Most significantly, the belt, the spool pin and bobbin case were missing, essentially making the machine inoperable until we gathered them. Once we gathered them and got them all installed and in place, we oiled the machine and attempted to fix a major issue with the timing. We need to add the missing spool winder at the bottom but it works fine without it for now.

Additionally, the base of the bed is slightly off kilter.

Singer Featherweight 221, What to Look For – sep05